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PittSpeed.com FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Stay On-Topic

If you're new to internet forums, it's important to point out that on this network you must stay "on-topic." If you make a post in a thread that does not have anything to do with the subject at hand, you will be reprimanded (see infractions and warnings.) The only time that we allow threads to "de-rail" as it's called and go off-topic is when the thread / topic is posted in the 'Off-Topic' forum. However we reserve the right to close threads that get out of hand.

Use The 'Search' Function

To cut down on the amount of annoying re-posts, all users should make a point of using the search function *BEFORE* starting a new thread. Odds are that the topic you want to address has already been covered unless it's breaking news. Consistent failure to do so could result in a loss of privileges and ridicule from other members.

Account Activity & Use

Individual users are allowed 1 account. Registering multiple user accounts without first notifying the site Admin will result in a ban from this network or other repercussions. We have a zero tolerance policy towards the impersonation of other members, misrepresentation and general "trolling."

If you create a username and decide you'd rather change it, PM (private message) an Admin or Moderator and they will change your name.

Your account and what you say (post) with it is your responsibility alone. If you say something offensive, defame another member or take issue with someone's post, all members have the ability to edit original posts and resolve any conflict between themselves. Each individual member has ownership over his / her own posts & content.

We do not remove posts or threads at the request of users who did not create them.

This network has a zero tolerance policy towards legal threats. Read more HERE.

Adult or mature content (pornography, sexual content, etc.) is prohibited and will be blocked & removed without warning. Underaged themed sexual jokes (ie jailbait or pedobear content) are prohibited. Users will receive infractions for posting this content.

Infraction & Warning System

The Moderators and Admin use an Infraction & Warning System to reprimand members who cause problems and do not follow the forums rules. It is our belief that mistakes only happen once; if they happen twice, then it's a problem. First offenses are met with warnings. If you receive a warning, take note of what you've done and don't do it again. If you happen to have a second offense you'll receive an Infraction. Infractions never expire. They add up and eventually automatically trigger repercussions like the loss of signatures & avatars, the inability to post or reply to topics in specific forums and short to long term banishment from this website.

Grammar & Spelling

Please refrain from using 'txt spk' (text speak) or other abbreviation methods when making posts. And check over your spelling. Also, it's always a good idea to proof-read your posts before you submit them. Sometimes what your wrote and what you meant to say end up being two different things! Consistent miss-spelling of words, poor grammar and a lack of sentence structure are frowned upon here. Odds are your mistakes will be pointed out by other members.

Conduct & Post Counts

In general, members should be courteous to each other. You should respect other members points of view and keep a thick-skin as sometimes your ideas and posts may be challenged by other members. If you feel you're being harassed use the 'Report Post' button that is next to every thread. If you're harassing other members for no reason, expect consequences. (see Infraction & Warning System.) Also note that post counts on do not add up when you post in forums that are non-automotive related, with some exceptions.

Signatures & Avatars

Signatures (images or text that appear below each of your posts) are allowed with these restrictions:

- A 500pix x 100pix size limit.
- Animations are OK.
- Multiple pics OK as long all the pictures put together do not exceed the size limit.
- No [quote] tag useage.
- 3 line maximum for text.
- No font sizes larger than '3.'
- No seriously offensive imagery. (Absolutely no pornography)
- No urls, unless you are a site sponsor, vendor or you have permission from the administration.

Be creative, have fun, but stay in bounds. We're not asking for much. We would like to keep the speed of uploading pages to a tolerable level and increase the efficiency of page viewing. If you do not followed the above guidelines, your signature privileges will be revoked.

Avatars (small graphical images next to your user name) are also allowed with these restrictions:

- No seriously offensive imagery. (Absolutely no pornography)
- Must fit the file size limits dictated (see avatars under user CP.)
- A 90pix x 90pix size limit.

Classifieds Forum Rules

This Network is not responsible for transactions made through the Classifieds section. All transactions or the sole responsibility of the members whom partake.

First, you should make sure you read and understand the NYSpeed Classified Rules in the FAQ

IF YOU ARE A SELLER - You can create a 'For Sale' thread and respond to questions or feedback. If you need to make changes to a thread, such as selling price or to add pictures, that is allowed.

IF YOU ARE A BUYER - If you are interested in a particular item or items, you may post or PM the seller to make the sale or ask questions. You may also post a 'Want To Buy' thread which follows the same guidelines as the FS threads do.

IF YOU ARE A 3RD PARTY TO THE TRANSACTION - You are welcome to provide seller / buyer feedback in Classifieds threads. You are also welcome to offer input & constructive criticism of the items listed, as well as reference market values as such. There is zero tolerance for deriding, flaming, or otherwise undermining a classified thread with irrelevant posts - Such actions will result in warning, infractions, loss of classifieds access, and eventually bans.

RETAILERS, DEALERS, VENDORS - Dealers being people who own a retail store (selling parts, services or anything) or individuals selling items on a continuous basis (parts, services or anything). If you are interested in selling your services, please contact a moderator or admin. The classifieds forum are intended for individuals who will be selling items/services one time and one time only. If you need any clarification, please contact the admins or one of the moderators.

BUMPING RULES - You're allowed to bump your thread a reasonable amount of times. Reasonable amount of times does not equate to 5 times a day, or even once every day. Believe it or not, people actually look through the classifieds. And your post will still be there. Try to keep it to about once a week or less. Moderators will have discretion as to what is too much bumping of a thread. Don't re-post your thread either, unless it was over 3 months old and things have changed.

TRADER FEEDBACK - We have a trader feedback system here, please make use of it. There is good insight to be found in a users past transactions here. Our classifieds are considered "Buyer Beware" so we suggest you practice due diligence.


Not following these rules will result in permanantly removing your post(s) and your privileges to post and view these forums.

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